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The Eco-Friendly Solution to Floral Arrangements: Oshun Pouches

The Eco-Friendly Solution to Floral Arrangements: Oshun Pouches

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, we must start making conscious decisions in our daily lives, especially when it comes to events and celebrations. Floral arrangements are a staple in events, but the use of traditional floral foam has contributed to pollution and environmental waste. Fortunately, Flower Moxie Supply offers an eco-friendly alternative with their Oshun Pouches. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits and usage of Oshun Pouches for all your floral arrangement needs.

The Oshun Pouches provide both stability and eco-friendly hydration for your DIY arrangements. Oshun Pouches are compostable, biodegradable, and a foam-free alternative to traditional floral foam. These pouches are the perfect environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional floral foam. They provide the necessary stability and hydration in floral arrangements without a negative impact on the environment.

foam free oshun pouch for diy centerpieces

To use the Oshun Pouch, poke 10-12 holes in BOTH sides of the pouch using wooden skewers, distribute the contents of the pouch evenly, immerse in water for 5-7 minutes, let the contents expand, and place in your vase or Lomey bowl. It's important to secure the Oshun Pouch with waterproof floral tape if needed. For delicate stems, it's best to pre-poke or pre-drill a hole before adding the delicate stems. While Oshun Pouches cannot be cut to size, their biodegradable and compostable materials allow them to be composted in a home compost bin.

Keep in mind that the Oshun Pouches are typically not reusable. It's important to note that the Large Oshun Pouch is 9" x 6", but it will expand. The Oshun Pouch is made of a mixture of plant-based starches that are biodegradable and compostable. The Medium Oshun Pouch is a 5" x 5" square flat, but it will also expand after soaking. It's important to protect surfaces from drips and stains while using the Oshun Pouch and to use care around delicate or light-colored fabrics to avoid staining from the water.

foam free oshun pouch

The Oshun Pouch is a versatile tool that works well with a variety of floral arrangements. Whether you're creating a stunning centerpiece for a dining table, or even a larger, more elaborate design for a special event, such as a ceremony urn or arch, the Oshun Pouch is an excellent choice. It offers flexibility, allowing you to design both rounded and cascading arrangements with ease.

For taller arrangements, the Oshun Pouch provides the needed stability for your stems, ensuring they stay in place throughout your event. For best results, it's recommended to use robust, hardy stems such as roses, cremones, or carnations. However, delicate stems can also be used with the pre-drilled method mentioned earlier. Remember, the Oshun Pouch is an eco-friendly solution, so feel free to get creative and design an arrangement that not only looks beautiful but is also kind to our planet.


Using Oshun Pouches for a Ceremony Arch

Creating a ceremony arch using Oshun Pouches is a fantastic eco-friendly option that adds a unique touch to your event. Here's a simple guide on how to do it:

First, prepare your Oshun Pouches by poking holes and immersing them in water as previously described. While they're expanding, start creating the framework for your arch. Depending on the size of your arch, you may need multiple Oshun Pouches strategically placed to provide adequate support for your flowers.

Attach the expanded Oshun Pouches to your arch frame using zip ties or Rustic Brown Wire for a more natural look, or another sturdy method that won't harm the environment. Make sure they're secure and won't shift during the event.

rustic brown wire for diy flowers

Next, start inserting your selected flowers into the Oshun Pouches. It's recommended to start with your largest and hardiest flowers first, such as roses, carnations and greenery, to create a base. Then you can add in your delicate stems, remembering to pre-drill holes for them to avoid damage.

Remember to take a step back occasionally to assess your work and ensure the arrangement looks balanced and pleasing from all angles. Continue to add flowers until you're satisfied with the appearance of your arch.

Also, be sure to keep your flowers hydrated by periodically misting them with water. The Oshun Pouches will keep the stems hydrated, but the petals may need some extra care, especially if you're working in a warm or windy environment.

You can see us in action in this tutorial where we use the Large Oshun Pouch to create a stunning Ceremony Arch using roses and alstroemeria!

With the Oshun Pouches, creating an eco-friendly ceremony arch is a simple and fun process that leads to a beautiful result. Plus, you can enjoy your event knowing you've made a choice that's good for the planet.


Using Oshun Pouches for an Aisle Marker

Creating an aisle marker using Oshun Pouches is a simple and eco-friendly way to add a floral touch to your event. Here are some steps on how to do it:

First, you'll need to prepare your Oshun Pouches. Start by poking holes on both sides of the pouch and then submerge them in water for 5-7 minutes to allow them to expand. Make sure to secure the pouch with waterproof floral tape if needed.

Then go ahead and insert the finished Oshun Pouch into the vessel you've chosen for your aisle markers. We like to use the 6" or 9" Lomey Design Bowl! Secure them inside your vessel with waterproof floral tape to make sure the pouch won't shift during the event.

lomey design bowl

Next, select the flowers you'd like to use for your aisle markers. It's recommended to use a mix of robust stems — such as roses, carnations, or chrysanthemums — and delicate stems. Remember to pre-drill holes for the delicate stems to avoid any damage.

Now, you can start inserting the stems into the Oshun Pouch, starting with the robust stems and greenery first to create a solid base. After you've created a foundation, you can start adding delicate stems around them.

Crafting aisle markers with Oshun Pouches is not only a creative outlet but also a great way to incorporate eco-friendly practices into your event. As always, remember to step back occasionally to assess your work, ensuring the arrangement looks balanced and pleasing from all angles. With Oshun Pouches, you can create stunning aisle markers while caring for our planet.

Watch our tutorial to see us in action as we use Oshun Pouches to create a stunning aisle marker arrangement!


Using Oshun Pouches for Centerpiece Arrangements

Creating a centerpiece arrangement with Oshun Pouches is a sustainable and fun project that results in beautiful and eco-friendly decor for your event. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Start by preparing your Oshun Pouches. Puncture holes on both sides of the pouch and then submerge it in water. Leave it there for about 5-7 minutes to allow the pouch to expand fully.
  2. Choose a vessel for your centerpiece arrangement. It could be a decorative bowl, a vase, or any container that complements your event's theme. Secure the expanded Oshun Pouch in your chosen vessel using waterproof floral tape.
  3. Now, select the flowers you wish to feature in your centerpiece. You can use a variety of stems, both robust and delicate. If you're using delicate stems, don't forget to pre-drill their holes to avoid damage.
  4. Start building your arrangement by inserting the robust stems and greenery into the Oshun Pouch first. This will create a strong base for your centerpiece. Following that, you can add in your delicate stems.
  5. While crafting, remember to periodically take a step back to assess your work and ensure your arrangement looks pleasing and balanced from all angles. You can use a lazy susan to continually turn your arrangement to make sure it's looking good from all angles!

Through this method, Oshun Pouches allow you to create stunning centerpiece arrangements that not only add beauty to your event but also promote sustainability. Enjoy your crafting, and remember, with Oshun Pouches, you're making a choice that's friendly to our planet.



Despite the various benefits of Oshun Pouches, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. First, they are not reusable, which means that for larger events requiring numerous arrangements, the cost can add up. Additionally, as they are made of plant-based starches, they can be sensitive to extreme weather conditions, potentially compromising their structure and functionality.

Oshun Pouches also demand careful handling to protect surfaces from possible drips and stains, which may create an extra layer of caution during the setup. Notably, while the pouches are capable of holding a variety of stems, more delicate stems require the pre-drilling of holes, which may demand additional time and effort. One of the main drawbacks to using Oshun Pouches is that arrangements, arches and aisle markers will need to be created on the day of the event. This makes Oshun Pouches perfect for onsite work, but not conducive to production work ahead of an event.

While the Oshun pouches will provide a hydration source for flowers and blooms on the day of an event, even hardy flowers will not hold up over days in the Oshun pouch. Lastly, the size of the pouches means they may not be suitable for smaller, more intricate floral arrangements. Despite these drawbacks, many find the eco-friendly nature and versatility of the Oshun Pouches outweigh these concerns.

In conclusion, Oshun Pouches offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional floral foam while providing the necessary stability and hydration for your floral arrangements. Flower Moxie's Oshun Pouches come in two different sizes, allowing for flexibility in your DIY projects.

As we become more environmentally conscious, using Oshun Pouches in our floral arrangements is a great step towards sustainable event planning. Try out these pouches for your next event or DIY project, and make a positive impact on the environment.



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