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Eco-Friendly and Modern: Acrylic Trays as Floral Foam Alternatives

Eco-Friendly and Modern: Acrylic Trays as Floral Foam Alternatives

Are you a DIY bride trying to minimize your wedding carbon footprint but still want a stunning flower arrangement for your big day? Look no further than Flower Moxie Supply's new acrylic trays! Not only are these trays an eco-friendly choice, but they are also an affordable, reusable, and modern alternative to traditional floral foam. In this blog post, we will share with you everything you need to know about these acrylic trays and how they can make your DIY floral arrangements a breeze.

First, let's talk about the clear acrylic centerpiece tray. Measuring 24 inches long with 24 holes, this rectangular cube vase is perfect for long floral runners that will run down the center of your wedding reception tables. The acrylic vase is even suitable for full, runner-style centerpieces that make a statement. It is easy to design with, especially when you use clear floral pin-frogs, which adds extra stability and ease to your floral arrangements.

floral pin frogs

However, it is crucial to note that acrylic trays are not one solid piece like a glass, ceramic, or metal vase. They are made up of several pieces sealed together by machinery. Therefore, slow leaks can happen over time or even initially. But don't worry, our founder Amy recommends caulking the seams with Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant. Although we do not guarantee a 100% waterproof seal, these eco-friendly trays are well worth the investment. So please don't hesitate to grab a little sealant for extra precaution.

After sealing your tray, be sure to test the acrylic tray ahead of your production time! Place a small amount of water (an inch will do!) in the vase with a paper towel underneath it. After an hour or so, you'll have a clear indication of whether you need to seal the edges a little more or if everything is holding tight! Taking this extra time to test your vases will help to save a lot of grief on the event day. No one wants leaking vases on their tables!

Additionally, you can use the clear acrylic tray for a pave-style centerpiece or even get creative by using various greenery and floral for a more gardeny and lush look. The possibilities to explore and personalize your dream DIY flower arrangement with these acrylic trays are endless.

eco friendly floral runner

A pave-style arrangement means this is where you cut all the flowers to rest on the top of the tray. This is extremely easy and beautiful and takes minimal product. The tray has 24 holes, so you can load it down with 24 roses, 24 carnations, or do a combination of all types of flowers!

Interested in an organic style for your acrylic tray arrangement? You'll want to use a combination of floral elements and greenery to create the look! Here's what we suggest,

For an all-greenery arrangement, we recommend having 3-6 different varieties of greenery, and the tray will typically accommodate a total of 1.5 bunches total.

Need some help pulling your vision together? Purchase and schedule a Custom Design from Flower Moxie. You'll get to talk through all of your ideas with a professional florist who will then create a mood-board and recipe guide just for you! Take the guesswork out of the process with a Custom Design!

clear acrylic floral runner tray

DIY enthusiasts can create a variety of stunning styles with the acrylic tray. For a timeless, elegant look, you can opt for a traditional classic mounded arrangement, grouping flowers by type and color. Alternatively, if you prefer a more eclectic, bohemian style, loosely arrange a mix of vibrant flowers and foliage for a 'just-picked' look. For those who favor a minimalist aesthetic, consider a mono-floral arrangement, using a single type of flower en masse. Moreover, the tray can also facilitate trendy styles like the 'flower cloud', where blooms appear to float above the vessel, or the 'floral tapestry', where flowers and foliage interweave in a flat, dense display. The acrylic tray's flexibility truly allows for boundless creativity.

These versatile acrylic trays can seamlessly fit into a variety of wedding themes. For a minimalist, modern wedding, the clear acrylic tray can be filled with monochromatic blooms and greenery, creating a chic and sophisticated look. For a romantic, rustic theme, the trays can be adorned with a mix of wildflowers and lush greenery, evoking the charm of a country garden. If your theme is more bohemian, consider incorporating a vibrant mix of flowers and unconventional elements like succulents or dried flowers into your acrylic tray. Lastly, for a classic, traditional wedding, you could go with timeless flowers like roses, hydrangea and ranunculus arranged elegantly in the tray. Truly, the acrylic tray is a chameleon, able to adapt and enhance any wedding theme you choose.

We understand the importance of being environmentally conscious when it comes to your wedding and other celebrations. That's why our acrylic trays are a must-have! The importance of having eco-friendly options when creating floral designs cannot be overstated. First and foremost, it contributes to the preservation and protection of the environment by reducing waste and cutting down on the use of harmful materials, such as non-recyclable floral foam.

Additionally, employing sustainable practices in floral design helps to conserve the earth's resources and promotes biodiversity by encouraging the use of a wider variety of flowers and plants. Furthermore, eco-friendly floral arrangements also demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, sending a powerful message to guests about your values and priorities. In this era where consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, adopting eco-friendly practices in floral design is not just a trend, but a necessary shift towards a more sustainable future.

eco friendly diy floral runner for weddings

The acrylic tray is indeed the perfect choice for eco-conscious DIY floral arrangements for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it eliminates the need for floral foam, which is notorious for its non-biodegradable properties and the toxicity of its chemicals, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of your décor. Secondly, these trays are reusable, further decreasing waste and ensuring that they can serve as a base for beautiful arrangements again and again. This reusability aspect also makes them cost-effective for individuals who frequently host or plan events. Finally, they are easy to clean, making their reusability even more practical. With their sleek, modern design, the acrylic trays serve a dual purpose of aesthetics and environmental responsibility, making them a perfect choice for those seeking to make eco-conscious decisions in their event planning.

Eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and chic; what more could you ask for in a floral arrangement? Flower Moxie Supply's acrylic trays are the perfect solution to eliminate the use of traditional floral foam while still achieving gorgeous and impactful DIY floral designs. These trays are a durable and reusable alternative that is sure to impress your guests and set a positive example for others. So, have fun creating your DIY floral arrangements with Flower Moxie Supply's acrylic trays, and don't forget to grab some Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant for extra confidence. Happy DIY-ing!


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